What we do


Professional Development and Training

We have trained more than 250,000 teachers and school leaders in over 30 countries around the world either directly or through a master training model.

We work with local and global partners to ensure each training program is designed to meet the specific requirements of all delegates.

This means delegates have greater ownership, control, accountability and able to show initiative. All our training programs are delivered through a blended model with face to face components and online support for further development including the development of communities of practice.



Advisory Services

We offer expert advice on education and technology to public and private clients around the world. Whether you are a technology company looking to engage with the education sector and market a product, a government looking to maximise ICT expenditure, or a consortium exploring future school models we can provide the expertise you need to make this happen.



Products & Tools

Improving results in learning by using technology effectively is at the heart of everything we do. Our specialisms include tools for managing change, building and managing virtual learning environments, technology toolkits for teachers and school leaders, website design, and online materials for professional development.


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