Supporting teachers in India with MBD Group

MBD Group Strategic partnership supporting teachers in India


Global education consultancy Imagine Education has partnered with MBD Group, one of the largest education companies in India in the launch of a teacher capacity building program called MBD Disha. Facilitation of effective education to the vast population of learners still remains one of India’s biggest challenges and innovative teacher training programmes like MBD Disha need to be put in place to support India’s goal of producing educated and skilled citizens.

Both MBD and Imagine Education will combine their experience and global reach to support the development of human and organisational capacity which is critical to the development of quality education systems. Aimed at teachers and school principals, MBD Disha is built on international research and will help teachers to enhance their skills in terms of capacity building, holistic knowledge, motivation and self-esteem.

At the launch of the programme, Imagine Education’s Chief Executive Officer, Jim Wynn said:
“MBD Disha provides a fantastic opportunity to support teachers in the delivery of excellence. As an ex-teacher myself I know the value of good professional development and I am excited to pool together the knowledge and experience of both Imagine Education and MBD to support teachers in India”.

Monica Malhotra Kandhari, Senior Director, MBD Group said,
“MBD Group has been in education industry since 1956 and has been organizing workshops for teachers since 1973. MBD Group has taken a new leap into Capacity Building by announcing the launch of MBD Disha, a new initiative designed around research-based practices to enhance the skill-set and knowledge base of the teachers. Partnering with Imagine Education is an added advantage which will bring in international expertise and will help in sharing the best practices across the globe with schools in our country”.

About Imagine Education
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