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SESSION TITLE:  Education Fast Forward Debate – “From Global Competence to National Success”

DATE and TIMING: Monday 22 January 09.00 – 10.25


Debate and discussion addressing the links between developing skills of global competence and both individual and national success.  The session will be livestreamed from the Education World Forum and designed to engage global participation through social media.

A key purpose of this session is to engage the audience in the room, and online in discussion and debate.


  • Andreas Schleicher, Director of Education and Skills, OECD
  • Dr Mmantsetsa Marope, Director, International Bureau of Education, UNESCO, Switzerland

Co-Chair: Jim Wynn, Co-Founder, Education Fast Forward

Co-Chair: Gavin Dykes, Co-Founder, Education Fast Forward; Programme Director, Education World Forum


As globalization continues to have an impact on all we do there is a growing need not only to better communicators and collaborators we must build competencies around empathy, culture trust and so on.

The OECD’s Chief of Staff Gabriel Ramos reinforces this in the recent publication  Global Competency For An Inclusive World : “Reinforcing global competencies is vital for individuals to thrive in a rapidly changing world and for societies to progress without leaving anyone behind.”

But how is global competence linked to national success and how do changing circumstances, such as the development of the 4th industrial revolution, affect the needs in learning and education?   Perhaps now is the time to break down the barriers that traditional curricula hold and work out how the integration of global competence into teaching as well as learning actually happen. So we need to consider what will the curriculum for our schools look like and how it can help our learners be  globally empowered and ready for the  4th industrial revolution.







Gavin Dykes to kick off with comments on:

  1. Global Competence to National Success
  2. Links between education, learning, happiness, economies and however else we might judge success
  3. The nature of EFF debates

After initial presentation, contributions from within the room.

  1. Contributions short and sharp, plus contributions from our twitter feed
  2. Difference in this debate is to encourage a more active debate from the floor


  • Andreas Schleicher – 8 minutes
  • Mmantsetsa Marope – 8 minutes
  • Gavin leads the debate in sections:
  1. setting the scene – how is global competence linked to national success?
  2. how do changing circumstances, and development of the 4th industrial revolution change needs in learning and education?
  3. we agree about integration of global competence into teaching as well as learning?
  4. curriculum for 4th industrial revolution.
  5. Conclusions

At some random points Jim reflects on Twitter traffic (If any!)