Whether your Ministry of Education wants to move the curriculum forward or improve teaching methods, we have substantial experience in working to support these goals in many countries and at a variety of levels.

From long-term strategic planning, to learning resource development and training, we can ensure that your initiatives have the impact you want.


Non-Governmental Organisations

Our work with NGOs is focused on the developing world.

Our senior consultants understand local needs, and have a vast range of experience managing long-term educational processes, including embedding of ICT into schools and the curriculum.

Our training models are customised and are highly effective, ensuring a return on investment through classroom impact.


Commercial Sector

We have inside knowledge of how teachers, schools, as well as local, regional and national education authorities work.

This is coupled with a solid grasp of upcoming trends and new initiatives in education and technology.

Putting this together, we offer the best advice to help publishers and technology companies to access this competitive world – and enjoy an advantage over their rivals.


Academies, Schools and Colleges

Student learning is at the heart of everything we do. Our background is fundamentally pedagogical.
This is a major area of expertise amongst our consultants, who can support schools, colleges and education management authorities to identify, plan, manage and review changes, whether it’s the modernisation of courses, or the introduction of new equipment into the classroom.


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